Mil Chouer
Ensembles vocaux

MIL Chouer

A singing project in collaboration with MIL asbl and ALA.
Erpeldange sur Sûre

The MIL Chouer workshop aims to create an inclusive and welcoming musical space: where music transcends borders and where people with or without dementia can find their voice and their place in an atmosphere of sharing and authentic expression.

Leader: Jenny Spielmann

Date: from 02/24/2024 and then every 2nd Saturday

Schedule: 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Location: 8 Gruefwee, L-9147 Erpeldange sur Sûre

Participation: Open to all, each person suffering from dementia or having another specific need must be accompanied by a family member or other reference person

Price: Free

Registration required: or 2880 4500








Our website is currently under construction.

Please contact us for any further information: / +352 26 430 481.

Thank you for your patience and keep singing!