Our website is currently under construction.

Please contact us for any further information:

info@inecc.lu / +352 26 430 481.

Thank you for your patience and keep singing!



What does INECC do ?
Accompany the pleasure of singing, but also ...

  • Raise awareness and train  et former (from initiation to vocational training)
  • Support, advise
  • Technical and educational assistance
  • Foster partnerships
  • Create synergies
  • Foster the links of amateur practices with the professional world of creation and distribution
  • Build relationships

What are our priorities ?

  • The practice of children and teenagers
  • The training of future choir directors
  • The vocal and musical training of singers and choristers
  • The support for field initiatives

 INECC is at your disposal and provides :

  • A direct response in accordance with the appropriate contacts
  • Assistance in designing a project, building partnerships ...

INECC is a privileged interlocutor, a direct and qualified response to e directe et qualifiée pour concevoir, conseiller et monter un projet musical ... à votre écoute !

Who is INECC there for ?
Well you, of course ! Particularly if you are a teacher, a manager, a project leader, an association, a training structure, a place of dissemination, a municipality ...
INECC has a national and spezialized positioning, which is an asset for setting up any project - Just think of INECC !