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Bach in the Subways | Mini-Festival

Festival of instrumental and vocal mini-concerts around the music of J. S. Bach. The annual Bach in the Subways event usually takes place around March 21, Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday. Musicians of all levels, from amateurs to professionals, participate in this event, contributing to the celebration of classical music in unusual places and fostering a sense of community through shared artistic experiences.
Luxembourg Gratuit

“Bach in the Subways” is a global movement initiated in 2010 with the aim of making classical music, particularly the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, accessible to the general public, especially in public spaces such as subway stations.

The movement was started by cellist Dale Henderson in New York. Henderson began playing Bach's cello suites in subway stations, providing free impromptu concerts to passersby. The concept quickly gained momentum, and musicians around the world joined the movement by organizing their own performances of Bach's works in subway stations, train stations, and other public places.

Thursday, March 21st, 2024, INECC and Ensemble AD LIBITUM are organizing mini-concerts in churches and unusual places in Luxembourg City and Kirchberg. These concerts are free.


Gare Centrale        

08:00      Hy-Huu Dang, saxophone



11:00      Sarah Ouyang, orgue

11:20      Marc Loewen, orgue

11:40      Tamara Rosselet, orgue



16:00      Chorale de l'église protestante | Tina Zeiss, direction

18:00      Happy Singers & Friends | Isabelle Heischbourg, direction

               École régionale de musique de la ville de Dudelange


Villa Vauban         

11:00      Trio mixte du conservatoire de musique d’Esch-sur-Alzette | Jitka Benesova, flauto dolce | Ria Lucas, flauto dolce | Claude Clement, clavecin

11:30      AD LIBITUM Trio | Roby Stoos, hautbois baroque | Beate Wins, viole de gambe | Rosch Mirkes, clavecin

12:00      Mosaïc Saxophone Quartet | Thibault Collienne | Lydie Schroeder | William Upton | Mélina Zéléniuc

12:45      Bach Project Choir | Nicolas Billaux, direction


Musée national de l‘archéologie, d‘histoire et d‘art

11:45     Duo Kania/Kania | Antoni Kania, flauto dolce | Robert Kania, clavecin

12:15     Duo Strepenne/Kania | Jehanne Strepenne, violon | Robert Kania, clavecin

12:45     Luxembourg Baroque Reeds | Raffaella Bortolini, oboe, oboe d’amore, taille | Jean-Paul Hansen, oboe, oboe d’amore | Lea Ferreira, oboe | Idoia Bengoa, bassoon | Juan Ullibarri, clarinet | Jean Weber, harpsichord

13:30     The Bachtivists | Jeanette Greiner, clavecin | Frank Daro, clavecin

15:00     The Bachtivists | Jeanette Greiner, clavecin | Frank Daro, clavecin

16:00     Orichalcum | Brass Quintet du Conservatoire de musique de la Ville de Luxembourg

16:30 Choir | Thomas Gareau, direction

17:00     Musique ancienne CVL | élèves de la classe Anne Galowich et Thomas Kügler


Arendt House        

12:00      Bach Project Choir | Nicolas Billaux, direction


Université Campus Kirchberg

12:00      Georges Hengesch, piano

12:30      Gast Gnad Connection


Eglise St Michel    

12:00       Duo Cantoreggi/Weber | Sandrine Cantoreggi | Claude Weber

12:30       Classe de percussion du Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg | Classe Netty Glesener

13:30       Georges Hengesch, piano

14:30       Robert Depta, orgue

16:00       Lux Vocalis | Thomas Raoult, direction

16:30       Orichalcum | Philippe Kayl | Leopold Strauss | Philippe Halsdorf | Clara Böhm | Daniel Lamberty

17:00       Classe de piano du Conservatoire de musique d'Esch-sur-Alzette


Lëtzebuerg City Museum

12:15       Luxembourg Clarinet Ambassadors | Simone Weber | Jean-Luc Blasius | Conny Steinmetz | Romain Gross | Véronique Bernar

12:45       Camille Bialas, Marimba

13:30       Bach Project Choir | Nicolas Billaux, direction

15:00       Chorale de l'église protestante | Tina Zeiss, direction

15:30       AD LIBITUM Trio | Roby Stoos, hautbois baroque | Beate Wins, viole de gambe | Rosch Mirkes, orgue


Eglise St Matthieu    

17:00      Duo Kremer/Kayser | Pierre Kremer, trompette | Paul Kayser, orgue


Eglise protestante 

18:00      Elèves du Conservatoire du Nord | Classes de Stéphanie Houillon, Véronique Nosbaum, Jérémy Ricard, Fons van der Linden, Isabel van Grysperre, Raju Vidali

19:30      Offenes Singen | Pierre Cao, direction | Ensemble AD LIBITUM | Capella Vocale


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