Grande Classe

Les Classes de la Grande Région

Project carried out in collaboration with Theaterfederatioun, NEST - CDN Thionville Lorraine & INECC Mission Voix Lorraine.
Luxembourg €200

New formulas for artistic training for performing arts professionals: Artistic practice workshops, which tend to favor the improvement, learning and renewal of body, voice and acting techniques, are brought together and condensed into 3 days, to give you a real experience!

Date: from Mon, 04/03/2024 to Wed, 06/03/2024

Location: Banannefabrik, 12 Rue du Puits, L-2355 Luxembourg

     Nest Theater, 15 Rte de Manom, 57100 Thionville, France

Price: €200 (for 3 days including meals)

Various leaders





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